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Suggestion: Disable Achievements and such

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Everyhing ingame eats performance. Thats okay, but there are some things, you may want to disable, because you dont care at all, and therefore save processor-time. 

For example: I could not care less about "colony achievements", steam achievements, how much ladders i´ve build and related things. I would appreciate to be able to deactivate all that. It may not achieve much performance boost, but in this game, every single bit counts. Another benefit would be, the game would not bother with "Hey you´ve done xyz, and this is great! Click meeeeee! I wont disappear until you click me!".

I do realize, some of the folks really want those features, and they love it. Granted. But there are people out there, like me, who only get annoyed by this stuff.  

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