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Armor for Beefs ?

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Hey there . I have thought for a while now that a cool update would be the ability to craft some sort of body armor for your domesticated beefalo. It would be fun to take on bigger bosses and mobs with our beefs I think. As well as I just feel like domesticated beefs need a bit of a refresh or new item to strive for.

 It should be considerably hard to craft , like the 2 premium saddles are. Maybe something like mutiple shelmets , marble pieces and dragonfly scales , but it has to be difficult to obtain. Since it would be hard to craft, I feel it should be "fixable" maybe by using marble pieces to fix it. Ideally it would not dissapear when depleted , rather just go to 0% until fixed. I could go on , but thats the basics of it. I know the fighter beefs w saddle is pretty diesel , but a little armor boost would be cool in my opinion . Any thoughts ?

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^I agree with above guy the tame beefalo need to be reworked, or expanded upon. Right now they don't do a whole lot but require excessive maintenance. I've just written a post about this but this topic seems like it's more appropriate. 

More saddle upgrades or clothing, like armor, storage space, multiple seating, farm plows etc..

Other post with ideas to make beefalo taming better



Okay so I already posted about this once but I actually tried to retry to tame a beefalo again, it was while before my last post since I did it.


And holy **** is this the biggest pain in my arse of all the tedious busy work in the game. One beefalo must eaten 90% of my map out of twigs, even with brushing. That's an entire season of dedication for something that slightly faster than a walking cane(but can't utilize road bonus and can't pick up/harvest without/dismounting). Nothing about this is hard just so incredibly tedious.


I suggest either

1)Better tools for keeping domestication leveled so after the initial painful investment a tame beefalo requires far less upkeep.

2)Make a tame beef have a ton more utility.

  • Ability to farm large plots(requires new assets to be built but its a cool idea to make late game farming better, less tedious) with a plow or something. 
  • Saddles that allow to seat multiple people. In fact surprised this isn't a thing yet, transporting 4 people really fast might actually be worth the investment(but probably not)
  • Give them saddle upgrades to allow for storage
  • Allow them to move structures placed without destroying them.
  • Let them go on boats
  • Insert any other cool idea here

3)Let their hunger either not drain as fast or increase their diet to be more flexible.

4)More items to speed domestication


Welp, I'm done ranting. It's a cool mechanic but right now I'd argue it's really not well balanced, even for late game it just doesn't do enough aside from aesthetics which I don't it should just be for aesthetics since the mechanics is very interesting and fun.

Or FInally



Forgot you don't need to fully tame them to move marble, but if anything that makes taming beefs even less desirable




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