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Ro Bin Hatching Technique


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I've been playing Hamlet for a week. I've gotten the Ro Bin egg three times. Twice, I've tried hatching her by warming her egg next to the fire until egg starts to steam in the morning. Then I pick it up and move it to a grassy area in the sun, or carry it in my inventory. It hasn't hatched after ten days of this, in two different worlds of Hamlet.

The only time Ro Bin hatched was when I accidentally left the unhatched egg on the ground at a Bandits Camp.  I came back three days later and she'd hatched!

What are the exact mechanics required to hatch the egg?

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Ro Bin takes about 3? days to hatch if you take care of the egg.  Meaning, time to hatch happens only when egg is taken care of -- I am having trouble finding the right words to describe.  So, time to hatch passes when the egg is set on the ground and not steaming or cold.  

Time to hatch does *not* pass when: 

1 -- egg in inventory, 2 -- egg is steaming, 3 -- egg is cold.  4 -- egg is stored in chest or on bookshelf.  You can get it to hatch faster by *not* carrying it around with you.  

I think the fastest is 3 days, but others may know more about that.  

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