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  1. I am a novice, casual player - but devoted to DS. I have been playing, off and on since the first release,(10 years?). The "Your World,Your Way", world-gen leaves features up to each player. I've created some very fun weird worlds. The bones of DS has always been charming, quirky and literate. ( I loved the Norse/Operatic feel of RoG.) I am old and disabled. I play a few weeks a year when I'm bed-bound - I've played over 2000 hours. I don't have a controller - just a very sticky mouse pad. Kiting is impossible. In the past, I could delay or skip the big boss fights through world gen choices,(ie, very short winters, extra Tallbirds to help out,etc.). I would never give up on Hamlet. My favorite DS worlds have been 200+ days, so knowing that I'm building for nothing is discouraging. The only way I've been able to stop the Aporkalypse is by massive lua input - and that's not fun or rewarding for me. My suggestion is that Klei add the Aporkalypse to the world gen choices. Thay have done this with every other boss or seasonal challenge. Then, You can go on playing your way and I can enjoy my geriatric version. I appreciate your staunch defense of DS and it's DLCs. They deserve to be lauded. For me, Minecraft was a bore and had no heart. DS and it's progeny are our only hope...
  2. I love the open-world that Don't Starve began as. It was a blank book in which I could write my own story. Each player could build, wander and discover in their own way. My worlds were my creation. After the introduction of RoG, the race to prepare for different seasons began to be a more dominant factor. Now, in the best and most creative iteration, Hamlet, we can link our worlds. But when I discovered that 60 days is the absolute limit for Hamlet, I went to the world gen to delay the Aporkalypse. But I can't do it! Now, instead of having fun, I have to find the calendar and adjust it. That requires many forced intermediate steps. Why would you take a lovely and literate open world and hamstring the players to pre-written chapters? Please don't let this game become like all the others. I've got better things to do than have a game dictate a grinding schedule.
  3. This is excellent advice. Resette's second sketch is much more dynamic and interesting. I'd stay away from the very balanced layout in your first sketch - the one with equal size players on each side of Monster/dog. Balance makes boring art. Exagerated poses and character reactions plus lack of simple triangular balance will greatly improve your portrait. Once you have the best start, I'm sure your drawing skills will make this an excellent piece. Good Luck!
  4. Wow! Thank you, Klei. I've been with DS since beta and have loved the depth and beauty that you all kept adding to the game. Instead of imitating all the others, you have consistently remained quirkily yourselves. The pigs were one of my favorite DS creatures, so I'm extremely happy that you have brought them back into the spotlight. I've been too busy to play for a while, but now I hear that Beefalos can be tamed a bit - another brilliant innovation. Please keep that Indy feel - you are leagues above the others. The EA Poe - Adams - Ring Cycle mash works so well. Dark, but light. PS Will raising baby birds ever become a possible good move? That was a great touch - just a bit frustrating when domestication never was rewarded.
  5. Just played a game of RoG.  No Mechanical chesspieces, no Teleportado, and no final Maxwell statues surrounded by bees.  Perhaps I'd used too many mods.  I also adjusted my world by season, long day and extra pigs and tallbirds. Is this why my  tiny world had so many things absent?

    I'm attaching a screenshot of my completely uncovered island:

    I gave up and started a much less modded and very few changes in the World, and everything came out great, except, once again, my herd of Beefalos number only three.

    Have you attached penalties to the " Your World, Your way"?