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  1. PAUSE on Single OFFLINE play

    Exactly my sentiments. I love playing All DS variants, and I understand the rational - if you are playing DST, Together! But, like you, I was led to believe that it could be played single player, offline. So, how do I go pee? How do I feed the cat? There is some mod, I think an AFK style thing, but posts seem to indicate that time still passes, ( I just won't get killed ). Any ideas or knowledge out there? I love playing with the world adjustment of : 1. More Tallbirds plus 2. More Pigs I get a lot more action and meat, but the Tallbirds are Everywhere! It's great adrenaline fun, but I'm not ready for a catheter...
  2. Ro Bin Hatching Technique

    Solved. As soon as I reopened my game, she hatched! I guess it can take anywhere from 3-10 days.
  3. I've been playing Hamlet for a week. I've gotten the Ro Bin egg three times. Twice, I've tried hatching her by warming her egg next to the fire until egg starts to steam in the morning. Then I pick it up and move it to a grassy area in the sun, or carry it in my inventory. It hasn't hatched after ten days of this, in two different worlds of Hamlet. The only time Ro Bin hatched was when I accidentally left the unhatched egg on the ground at a Bandits Camp. I came back three days later and she'd hatched! What are the exact mechanics required to hatch the egg?
  4. Sewing Kits were very easy to craft when there were hounds. Why not make Platapine quills more useful in Hamlet. They could be used to make the Sewing Kit. Right now, in Hamlet, we can only get sewing kits from Bandit Camps. Hounds teeth were a dime a dozen in original DS. I've got a load of gear I can't repair! Maybe at least make them available at the oddities store.
  5. I'm devoted to Single Player. DST is not my interest, but I have been a faithful follower since 2012. Will I be able to play this new DLC? Thanks!
  6. This is excellent advice. Resette's second sketch is much more dynamic and interesting. I'd stay away from the very balanced layout in your first sketch - the one with equal size players on each side of Monster/dog. Balance makes boring art. Exagerated poses and character reactions plus lack of simple triangular balance will greatly improve your portrait. Once you have the best start, I'm sure your drawing skills will make this an excellent piece. Good Luck!
  7. Wow! Thank you, Klei. I've been with DS since beta and have loved the depth and beauty that you all kept adding to the game. Instead of imitating all the others, you have consistently remained quirkily yourselves. The pigs were one of my favorite DS creatures, so I'm extremely happy that you have brought them back into the spotlight. I've been too busy to play for a while, but now I hear that Beefalos can be tamed a bit - another brilliant innovation. Please keep that Indy feel - you are leagues above the others. The EA Poe - Adams - Ring Cycle mash works so well. Dark, but light. PS Will raising baby birds ever become a possible good move? That was a great touch - just a bit frustrating when domestication never was rewarded.
  8. Just played a game of RoG.  No Mechanical chesspieces, no Teleportado, and no final Maxwell statues surrounded by bees.  Perhaps I'd used too many mods.  I also adjusted my world by season, long day and extra pigs and tallbirds. Is this why my  tiny world had so many things absent?

    I'm attaching a screenshot of my completely uncovered island:

    I gave up and started a much less modded and very few changes in the World, and everything came out great, except, once again, my herd of Beefalos number only three.

    Have you attached penalties to the " Your World, Your way"?