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Werebeaver and Dams.

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Omg I had this idea like three months ago and now I can’t stop thinking about it. 

Woodie is a very interesting but mediocre character at the moment, which is why he’s getting a rework and I have an idea for it (flawless transition right?) I hope that his Werebeaver form will be able to build Dams (and access the inventory and pick stuff up of course).

Since Woodies rework is coming out after the official release of ToT and people are still having trouble with hound waves at sea, so I suggest the Werebeaver should be able to build a sort of sea defense wall. And since beavers also happen to build dams in water... Why not make the wall a dam eh?

So he would be able to build two types of dam and a special gate for them. The dams act like elongated walls so it’s all one piece. This is all changeable btw.

Basic Dam: This dam is the length of a boat with the rest of its dimensions being the same as a wall. It would have the same health as 2 fully upgraded stone walls.


18 Logs

5 Rope

15 Twigs

Advanced Dam: This dam would have the length of two boats (Might be too op and strange to use tho) with the rest of the dimensions being the same as a wall. It would have the same health as 5 fully upgraded stone walls.


5 Wooden Boards

20 Logs

10 Rope

25 Twigs

Dam Gate: I’m not sure how big it would be to fit with the rest of the dam.


3 Wooden Boards

4 Rope


Overall this is just one of my ideas for Woodies rework, this is all up to speculation and tweaking. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.


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This is a bit of a weird topic. It's been brought up multiple times, but I just can't get behind it.

For starters, would these be craftable in Human or Beaver form?

Second Off, the Beaver should be spending most of it's time gnawing at wood, not building stuff. That kinda ruins the feel of a a "were-" transformation imo.

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Yea... tbh most of the major Woodie debate topics have up and ended by now. Most everyone has gotten an idea what they would like to see, and I'm getting the feeling development for what klei intends is most likely currently on the way.

That being said. Walls have always been a kinda odd topic in DST. Regular walls are almost entirely overshadowed by statues, albeit a bit more expensive, but are infinitely better. That being said what would you exactly wall off in the ocean? Unless you wall off all directions it would be kinda on the less useful side. Not trying to strike down your idea though keep in mind. It sounds cool.

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