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should we buff/nerf wood generator a bit?

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IMO the Wood Burner seem too bad when you compare to Ethanol Distiller>Petroleum Generator

I know the tech level is much higher for ethanol route,but look at the number....
for approximate 4 wood burner to 4xethanol>1xPet combo 
wood give you 1.2kw energy and 640 g/s co2 cost 4.8 lumber per second(I igrone the heat in both case as their not really that matter)

ethanol alone cost only 4 lumber per second,give almost the same Co2 plus some dirt.
all ethanol go to pet generator give up1040kw energy a bit less then wood(but wood burner cost more lumber per second....)
the most crazy thing is pet gen give so much byproduct...you are so happen collecting those co2 and P.water.

I would not said the ethanol combo to strong...it higher tech,but instead we should nerf/buff wood burner a bit to make them more realistic and balanced
(right now compare lumber go into ethanol route/ wood burn is like a mage with/without philosopher stone.The stuff generate from later tech is normal/
but the wood burner was too clear(only 10g/s more Co2).
why on earth a lower tech generator giving more green/clear byproduct then a higher tech  generator?
I think the wood burner need to leave some wasted as byproduct to bring the gap closer and a bit realistic.
should have giving out P.dirt,but distiller already doing it...giving sand or coal seem useless or too powerful.

any idea to give a bit more byproduct from wood burning?(we don't have ashe at this point)

i was thinking we could give lime(too op?) since both ashe and lime look similar,
or make it a replacement for dirt in fertilizer syth(create a new element(Ashe and having the same use as dirt in fertilizer syth)

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Let's really get into the numbers:

  • The wood burner takes 1.2kg/s lumber, while the petroleum generator setup takes 4kg/s. This means that a petroleum generator's input is 3.3̅ times that of a wood burner. Let's ignore that we can't actually build a third of a wood burner and talk per-petroleum generator.
  • If we scale the wood burner by that factor, it produces 1kW of power to the petroleum generator's 2kW, and outputs 566.6̅g/s carbon dioxide to the petroleum generator's 500g/s carbon dioxide and 750g/s polluted water. Ouch. Polluted water is much better to have around than carbon dioxide, which we normally don't want.
  • Now, if we further account for the 4 ethanol distillers' existence, they're producing 1333.3̅g/s polluted dirt and 666.6̅g/s carbon dioxide, while taking up 960W. This is a boatload of carbon dioxide, but a ridiculous amount of useful polluted dirt.
  • Now we must further imagine that we want to just skim that carbon dioxide away (and ignore needing a water sieve). Each of these removes 300g/s at the cost of 120W. We will need 4 to keep up with the petroleum generator setup, but only 2 to keep up with the wood burners. This means our petroleum generator costs another 480W to maintain, for a net of 560W, while our wood burners cost another 240W, for a net of 760W.

So, is this unreasonable? For a bunch of extra tech, I lose 200W of power, but gain enough water to electrolyze for 6 dupes, and dirt (or sand if I feed to pokeshells) out the wazoo. I think this is slightly unreasonable, there's simply no point to going wood burner early because all it provides is power, and power isn't the primary goal. If we also remember we can't build a third of one, then we're actually only losing 100W; 100W to produce water and polluted dirt out of thin air is crazy.

As for how to fix it, I think reduce the carbon dioxide a bit (120g/s instead of 150g/s) and just have it output fertilizer directly at a small rate (like 40g/s or something) would be fine. Creating a new element just for this might be a bit much unless it gets other uses (possibly would also be a kiln byproduct).

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