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Maintaining Stone hatches

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Sup peeps!

So I'm running into a problem i haven't seen before. I'm playing the badlands asteroid, so I have mountains of granite to feed to hatches. Hatches can't eat it, but stone hatches can. Great, so I ramp up a stone hatch ranch, and I've got about a dozen of em, and everything is all happy bunnies and rainbows.

Cept now the hatches have eaten all the sedementary rock, and the stone hatches are starting to lay regular hatch eggs. I'm worried that soon my stone hatch population will decline if i can't keep their stone hatch egg odds up.

I don't have access to rockets, I haven't even gotten into the oil biome yet, so bringing it back from other asteroids isn't an option. Is there any other way to keep a stone hatch population?

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Stone hatches should have somewhere around a 60% chance to lay a stone hatch egg without any dietary assistance. You'll have to arrange a filter for the regular and smooth hatches that get born but you should be able to maintain replacement easily for the stone hatches. They live for 100 cycles and lay every 6 after all. That means on average a stone hatch will lay around 10 stone hatch eggs and 5 or 6 non-stone hatches. 

Edit: Just checked. Its 65%. So a bit better than the above example. 

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