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Dreckos in rust biomes: an undocumented change?

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I'm playing on a new Arboria map and there's a drecko right in a rust biome near the starting area. Was this an undocumented change made when squeaky pufts were added to rust biomes, or a feature of Arboria? Either way, dreckos don't actually eat any of the plants that spawn in the rust biome, so it seems a bit odd.

And no, it's not from some kind of biome overlap, that drecko got put in a rust biome's open space:




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1 minute ago, abud said:

I thought that it is like that since launch preview. Don't count rime frozen rust, it is different from other asteroid's rust biome. Some player mentioning about didn't fit, but no change so far.

Hmm, interesting. Maybe I just never noticed it on Verdante cause they all died...but then I'd expect to have seen meat in the rust biomes. It's plain as day on Arboria, since that drecko literally was in my starting vision when the dupes spawned from the portal.

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