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2 hours ago, dehtona said:

what is the best way to use chlorine to purify water?

Put water in tank, put tank in Chlorine atmosphere, pressure does not matter. It needs to sit a bit in the tank. One way is to pump in a bit faster and limit outflow. Another is to have two sets of tanks, one being filled, one being emptied and then switch on a timer. Chlorine has no effect on germs in pipes. 

I use 3 tanks in series in 20g or so of Chlorine for sterilizing sewage before (!) filtering it. Gives non-infected polluted dirt and hence no germs on dupes and suits from handling that. As the pump delivers 10kg/sec but the sieve only processes 5kg/sec, the tanks are always full. There are no germs in the third tank anymore in this set-up.


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