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It would be wonderful if we could manufacture a bouquet of flowers,

which need some very specific and special ingredients from the

"Forrest of lonely hearts biome".

If the made flowers are then "found" at the place of creation, the dupe will discover them and say

"Owwwwwwwziieeee niceee"

and then seek and find the dupe with the lowest moral and they start a relationship as the flowers are given.


Both wonder to the holy oak tree

which appears and grows for short time at the portal.

Music like in Avatar plays and some hearts fly in the air...


Both dupes then carry a red heart collar around their neck. Sometimes, when the dupes cross their ways,

the hearts on the collars start to glow red and one hears

"Mhknisss Ohhhhhhh"

sounds and temporary the morale increases a huge amount.


This idea is dedicated to my ONI friend @Oozinator

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