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Do all asteroids have NG geysers?

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I've started my third base since they introduced the different asteroids, and this is the 2nd time i can't find a NG geyser. I've kicked it into debug mode and revealed the map and either i'm blind or it's just not there.


Do all asteroids have the standard geysers, or are some of them limited?

no gas.sav

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Asteroids with the Swamp/Slime biome should have at least one - open, found in one of the Slime biomes - unless overriden by a POI.

All asteroids have a chance to have another open NG Geyser in one of the caustic biomes, but that one shares its "spawn" with a Chlorine Gas Vent.


Since Arboria and The Badlands do not have Slime biomes, they will not feature a open NG Geyser (~50%) if their caustic biomes have a open Chlorine gas Vent instead. With the buried geysers pulling randomly from the entire pool of 19 (?) different geysers, about half the maps will not have a buried NG Geyser, so about a quarter of Arboria and Badlands seeds should end up without NG Geyser.


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