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RoT Beta or Non-Beta World?

DST Beta or Non-Beta?  

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Are you playing on Beta or Non-Beta? 
I'm just curious coz I myself plays non-beta atm with my old world.
I know that there's retrofitting but based on what I saw regarding with sea stacks I'm sticking with my non-beta world.

Also, mind sharing your base layouts on a Beta-World? Thanks

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We just ignore the sea stacks as there is no point to go sailing other than to the Lunar Island, which has zero sea stacks between it and the main island. Other than the hound sound bug, it's just more contents to mess with.

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There's an 80% the whole sea stacks thing is a bug.

Like, over 3K? That doesn't seem right.

Especially if they plan on adding more content to the ocean itself, I get like, place holders, but filling gaps would seem to be counterproductive. 

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