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Here is a suggestion for a Pip critter morph.


The Sonic Pip (Name subject to change, but maybe not) is a Pip morph. Pips have an increasing chance to drop a Sonic Pip egg if: (uh, one of these, or who knows?????)

  • They travel more than x> distance during their daily routine, which involves eating branches, grabbing seeds and finding a suitable place to plant them.
  • They eat pincha peppernut (the plant, like Dreckos). They get that kick from it, maybe some form of additional rear propulsion in the form of... rocket exhaust.
  • They have a manual generator in the room. Pips will use it as a toy, and the more they use it, the more they have the chance to generate a Sonic Pip egg. They produce next to no power while doing it, unreliably, during the cycle. Maybe they can contribute to their own room lighting or autosweeper operation.(may as well be applied to hatches.)


The Sonic Pip looks pretty much like an ordinary Pip, but it's blue and it's hair is a bit more spiky. What it does: (something of these, or who knows, again)

  • It's sentient. Can't be tamed nor wild. Has a name, or a #number after his name. Has a long lifespan, if not immortal. Does not lay eggs. (Unless you want to introduce an echidna creature... aww no.) Does not breathe. It's not immune to extreme temperatures. Drops nothing when it dies.
  • It consumes more calories than an ordinary Pip, almost or just like a dupe. It also eats ordinary food and precious metal, preferably gold.
  • It excretes nothing. Or if it excretes something, it needs a toilet, plumbed or not, assigned to the stable.
  • Does not like dupes in exosuits or jetsuits, and dislikes most machinery, except manual generators (and something to be decided)
  • Does not need to be groomed, but a grooming station is still needed in the ranch. It will groom/wash itself every cycle, and gun-salute the rancher when he/she comes to check. This salute is needed for its happiness. If two manual generators are present it may even challenge the rancher on a race... One that the Sonic Pip always wins. He gets an happiness boost for that. The rancher gets a "tired and humiliated" malus (-2 athletics, whatever)
  • Needs a cot in the stable to sleep. Cots are assigned to the stable. Or... a tree. It may whistle during sleep.
  • Lives for running. Likes to run at blazing fast speed around the ranch. If a manual generator is present it will operate it, with a much higher efficiency than a dupe.
  • Will perform supply and storage tasks around its stable, or around the map, faster than a top athletics dupe.
  • Cannot be wrangled. If wrangled, it will jump on the rancher (becomes a carried item) and wait to be deployed at the designated destination.
  • If it's unhappy it will do nothing, staying sad and immobile in its stable, contemplating suicide. If left unhappy or homeless for too long it will vaporize in a flash, leaving nothing behind.
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