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Make ranched critters come to station immediately

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I just found out about the "AI limiting system" that makes critters "think" less often when the game is under load. In most cases, the effects are rather minor: critters not fighting back, dupes spending extra time to realize they're suffocating, critters standing in one spot and staring at the wall for half a minute (at max speed), critters taking half a minute to realize they're dead.

One of the cases where the effects are huge is ranching: having to wait half a minute (at max speed) per every critter called to station wastes a LOT of dupe time and critter time. It renders large carnivorous colonies unviable, with exception of pacu farms and wild vole "farms".

Could be fixed by bypassing the wait on some triggers: being called to station, finishing a dig/build job, suffocation, death, being attacked. Those triggers are rare enough that it shouldn't affect performance much, but common enough that it affects gameplay when they aren't prioritized.

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