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help with function arguements

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i'm having problems with certain conditions not working as it keeps on talking about needing a function enlargements, i'm sure this is a novice mistake but i don't understand >.<

local function onread (inst,reader)

     local pt = reader:GetPosition()
     local numtentacles = 3     
     if reader:HasTag("frick") then

    for k = 1, numtentacles do
    local theta = math.random() * 2 * PI
    local radius = math.random(3, 6)

     local result_offset = FindValidPositionByFan(theta, radius, 12, function(offset)
          local pos = pt + offset
          return #TheSim:FindEntities(pos.x, 0, pos.z, 1, nil, { "INLIMBO", "FX" }) <= 0
          and TheWorld.Map:IsDeployPointClear(pos, nil, 1)
          if result_offset ~= nil then
          local x, z = pt.x + result_offset.x, pt.z + result_offset.z
          reader.components.petleash:SpawnPetAt(x, 0, z)

          if reader.petleash:numpet ~= 3 then  ------------- # around here it starts to crash
          SpawnPrefab("poopcloud").Transform:SetPosition(x, 0, z)
          ShakeAllCameras(CAMERASHAKE.FULL, .2, .02, .25, reader, 40)

        return true


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