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Broken No Long Commutes warning

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Worked Perfect Last night, this morning Right before my Live Stream on Twitch I am Stuck in an Endless Loop of Please Restart Game, I've rest over 30 times and Rest my Desktop.


Alas no solution, guess I got to Uninstall the Game to fix this weird Mod issues.?  Klei Thoughts? 

mods broken.png

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The in-game mod updater works horribly - the best bet right now is to close the game, unsubscribe all mods, go to your C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\mods\Steam folder and delete everything inside, then delete the mods.json file in the "mods" folder (next to the steam folder). Then start the game and dismiss all the warnings if there are any... then you can subscribe again (but make sure you're subscribing to updated ones -- in case of my mods, the new ones have an updated image with the mod name in it)


@Ipsquiggle are you guys looking into this please? this is pure insanity ;( any mod update and the mod manager explodes

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