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Rather than long, awkward bridges to connect islands, make us work to reach them with a new exciting item that will fit into the world wonderfully: Rafts!

Built with rope, wood, and whatever else, these bad boys can not only be used be used for island navigation, but for "deep sea" fishing as well. They must be paddled unless you upgrade them with a sail (spider silk).

I'm thinking it would be best to also require a launching area (like a beach or other shoreline).

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Be pretty awesome to see, for sure! I want to see a greater variety of inland lakes and rivers. Honestly, the bridges feel kinda strange to me, and while at first they played on a greater sense of this world being 'not quite right' now they're just hokey. I absolutely LOVED getting those gigantic, interlocked islands with minimal bridges, like one humongous landmass. If each islands were a self contained variety of all of the biomes, without bridges, that alone would make the rafting experience worth it.

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