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Achievement Rewards System


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I just did a quick search on achievement rewards and I did not find any relevant post yet. So pardon me if this is a repeated post.

The idea is just to implement small carrots/sticks which can be used to string newer players along on playing the game/ guide them towards short-term goals for long term sustainability. Keeps the player entertained and motivated early while trying to understand the complex mechanics behind the game.

Very small stuff like getting their first room bonus and being rewarded with say small rewards like rare seeds (buddy-bud I am looking at you)/ metal ore (gold ???)/ critters (stone hatches)/algae/ 2kg water/ printing pod stuff really.

The rewards dont always have to be good though with stuff like early magma, early germy materials, pufts, or even sporechids! Well at least the new players will learn it the hard way lol.

Bigger achievements related to space explorations can be reflected on Steam account or even custom job skins for dupes :o (Klei probably has thought of this)

And an even bigger dream would be to implement an attribute system to effect global bonuses like printing pods cd-ing even faster (currently too fast already imo), dupes gaining more job exp, rockets requiring less fuel... but of course we start small first because I am sure implementation of the small rewards are already going to be a nightmare to balance :) 

Of course, this is not something that can be done overnight so perhaps we can expect some form of this to be implemented in future expansions?

If you like this idea, please give a bump or actively link this post! It's something I'd would love to see!



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20 hours ago, Ellilea said:

I like the idea of cosmetic rewards, but gameplay stuff would make ppl feel forced to get these and thats not good for a game like this.

Really it's up to the player to think of the methodology. I mean if one dislikes challenge but really want the reward, one can simply google the spoilers. In that case, can we really be complaining about forced gameplay? Of course, it's also on Klei to find alternatives first if they really want to implement such achievements.

But that aside, I would like to add that some of the achievements are really quite simple. An example would be make a Nature Reserve. A simple bonus can be something as redundant as pip eggs (need pips to make plant seeds anyway). As a player myself, I do not feel the need to do so. I rather do it because I need the +6 morale.

Then we have the late game stuff such as exploring space. I personally have not started on space and I think it will be a neat idea if it can guarantee small amounts of stuff that worlds lack of to at least make the game less grindy? Gold, Sleet wheat, dreckos/ slicksters that dont die in the cold. That kind of thing. Yea it might make the game less challenging but hey one can simply disable this option or choose to skip for bragging rights

We also have the avenue to create new open-ended achievements to challenge resource hoarders!

Generate X tonnes of NG.

Heat up a material to X kelvins.

In fact this can be rather modular as new achievements can always be added as requested by the community.

I hope this can give more insight to what I had in mind. I like to add more stuff on retrospect.


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