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Add the Steamed Ham Sandwich from Hamlet

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Klei should add the Steamed Ham Sandwich to Don't Starve Together, the meme is too great.

1. It needs foliage as one of the recipes to make it, right now foliage in the game doesn't have that much uses, you can make a potted ferns and eat them, i feel like adding them to recipes would make them more useful.

2. Asparagus is already in the game from the new Warly update and that originates from Hamlet.

3. Two Hamlet food items made it to Don't Starve Together as well, the Vegetable Stinger and the Asparagus soup, so why not add a third Hamlet food item?

4. The recipe is all vanilla items, no fancy Hamlet items required to make it.(recipe at the bottom)

5. It is a great hunger and health item, only healing 40hp and filling 37.5 hunger and 15 sanity.

6. Ferns are not easily renewable until late game, the only way to get more is via the Forest stalker and tumbleweeds. So it balances the recipe out even more.

7. It's based off of the Steamed Hams Simpsons meme, just like the potato cup trinket was a meme and so Klei decided to add it in the game as a trinket. In Dst we LOVE our memes, it makes the game even more fun that way.

Thats it with my reasons which is quite a few, I also made a poll in general discussion about this topic so make sure to vote there for even higher chance, it's going strong so far! So at the bottom is pictures from the Don't Starve Hamlet Wiki of the Food stats and recipe requirements, the info may be inaccurate since the wiki can be changed.


"they're obviously grilled" -Maxwell


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