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Surviving the Early Game (Launch text/img guide)

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In my excitement for the upcoming official release of this game, I've started reworking my old text guides for the game.  While there's a lot yet to be done, I'm happy to announce that my early-game guide is ready for launch!  (Unless they change Terra map generation again.  Plz no, Klei...)  :concern:

The link:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1359110726

I'll be continuing to work over the next week or two to update at least my mid-game guide and the "construction patterns" guide, but those are going to be significantly more involved and will take time, so please be patient if you're looking for resources like this.

My intent is for these guides to be useful as a reference.  Watching video playthroughs can be useful when learning how to play, but often aren't quite as helpful when you want to quickly look up specific details.

New in this version:  I plan to start including edited videos in select portions of the guide where I feel they would make a helpful reference.  There are a couple of small ones already in the early-game guide, but there will be some much more detailed ones in the "construction patterns" guide - I know that'll be a huge help for initializing SPOM-like setups.


And that should about cover it!  Hopefully I've covered about everything critical a new player might face with these, and I hope it'll continue to be a useful resource to the ONI community at large.

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