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  1. The hammer sounds very useful as a alarm bell, say running low on water or running low on fuel.
  2. Regolith is killing my game

    I had not tried, but can we melt it to magma, let it cool to form rock, then mine it, half the mass, then melt it again, cool again and mine again. It should be wasting energy, but sounds funny to me. May be i will have a try if no one try before?
  3. Exosuit shortcuts

    I like the idea as it give some new possible layout design. And you way to build is manageable but not easy to think of it normally. Is it going to be "building entombed" for the second dock?
  4. I think it is innovative if Klei can consider to allow the drakeos to eat the lily from the ceiling direction. But it is sorry that the game don't think in this way and you must plant them in farmtiles.
  5. I faced the same problem as you recently, and would like to share my build as well, although I am still very new to LOX. 1. Pre-cool of the LOX is depends on how far you need to pipe. In my case it is about 1 screen, approx 60-70 titles away from the storage chamber. The leaving temperature of -195C seems ok to me. When it reach the rocket, it is about -190C. Then it loop back to the chamber, it is well below -183C. 2. Use as much ISULATION as possible. But I have only 2000kg insulation on hand, so i only build partly with INSULATION. Other parts i use igneous, it is still acceptable. Stupid me forgot ceramic totally. 3. I use extra pipe bridge, it looks faster to move the liquid to reduce the heat gain. (Not sure about this, may need to further test) Hi, may I ask if there is any automation setup to pump the LOX IF there is a rocket sitting there? Now, my build will pump LOX when it is below -195. Since there is loop back, so it just keep pump most of the time. I cannot figure out this part yet.
  6. Is space doable?

    It is a new idea i had never think of. I was thinking i need t o scarify some of the LOX to cool the pipe, or i need to collect enough Isolation materials. May I ask if the rocket taking off / landing will heat the LOX stay inside the pipe also? Had not come to try that yet.
  7. Thank you! I checked that already, just thinking it is too complicated to repeat several time in a map, as i got 3 cool steam vent in my map. My target is just to ensure the steam cool down to water for input of electrolysor.
  8. Is space doable?

    You may try both way of Hydrogen with multiple ThermoRegulator and Supercoolant with aquatuner. I think 100kg of super coolant is already enough for the simple setup of LOX. However, i found that moving the LOX to the rocket is much more difficult to produce it, haha...
  9. I am at first time 700 cycles, it start to lag slightly, dupes need to "think" for 1 second to take the next task...
  10. Polluted water vent is so easy and convenient to use. But I think the Cool steam vent is the most common one to encounter in most map. Usually I would put a looping water to ensure the steam cooling down to water drops. and the looping water will be cooled by aquatuners with turbines. Just feeling tedious to setup similar things repeatedly. Anyone have simple and efficient setup to tame a cool steam vent?
  11. Thanks again. Finally I figure it out, due to very efficient counter-flow heat exchange. When the oil drop to the heating aquatuner, it is actually very near the boiling point. May be I can try to improve my own build with improving the pre-heating part.
  12. I see now, thanks! It sounds complicated to me, haha. BTW, I think even the efficiency is very high, but the heat used to heat the oil to sour gas or cooling capacity to cooling down to methane is sill limited by the coolant at aquatuner. 30kg/s sounds very far from that point. (In my own sour gas boiler, the flow rate is only about 1.5kg/s, really low in comparison)
  13. Weekly Schedules!

    I support this idea, but i think i will still put them to 7-day working, except the dupe representing myself.
  14. May I ask what is the meaning of bead pump? Is it refer to mini pump based? I remember there is a post of pre-space sour gas boiler, which is using 1kg/s pocket of heat exchanging.
  15. In my own feeling, I think the new content is welcome, and it is up to my choice to use it. And currently I just put 2 surfer and continue my other works. If the long use of time and long duration of effect is intended, I think they should working more on the schedule UI. It is better to have a 5 days working schedule followed with a 1 day holiday. Dupes are allowed to use the long time items during the holiday. (May be they will get a Monday mood with negative morale on the first day of working) The current problem is the new items are not very fit to current schedule design. Bug fix shall always be the first priority. However, if they do the bug fix at all cost to fix every single bug, then new content may never come. So, every updates released together with some bug fix is ... may be tolerable to me. (Of course I hope they can fix all bugs asap...)