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  1. I guess the new radium would not be availble at the starting asteroids. This would encourage you to build rocket to other asteriod to get it. And maybe the trailer is showing a colonised asteriods, the launching pad is a small version only used at colony asteriods, because you dont need to fuel it. Oh, then you may need to supply the colony by sending food and oxygen, and return with some rare ores finally. The most important thing I think is too ensure smooth switching between asteriods and not too long saving time.
  2. The hammer sounds very useful as a alarm bell, say running low on water or running low on fuel.
  3. So happy to have it released, cheers!!! It is so quick for moving from testing to official release!!
  4. The outcome is 1 tree can support the whole base power requirement.. XD
  5. Oh, you are correct, I thought it was 500g/s lumber per distiller. Thank you for the clarification~
  6. Ummm, i think you miss the point of the input requirement of Ethanol distiller is doubled. Or I miss something else?
  7. I think to support 1 generator it need 11.2 trees now, since only 5 branch are growing at the same time? EDIT: for the CO2 output of 4 ethanol distiller and generator, it will need 4 nos of skimmer.
  8. I remember this happen from the very beginning of the test branch.
  9. Wow, I needed that urgently for the exosuit!! Perfect update for the light, i just put the light in the room and connect it with 1 tile of automate wire, which is meaningless to do so.
  10. Yesterday my generator keep un-touched due to the room type issue. Can we add the priority interface and showing the errand order who is going to do the tune up work? EDIT: just check that it do have the errand order list, but still cannot set the priority manually.
  11. Hopefully the heat dissipation by the light can be reduced, or higher tier of LED lighting can be researched at around cycle 50-100 may be, to reduce the heat in long term.
  12. As i know the geyser always sit on 4 cells of Neutronium. The map I am playing has 2 traditional shape of Neutronium things (near map boundary) you expect to have geyser. But it is nothing when the granite above is dug out.