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  1. Wow, I never think of this, I thought it would cost lot of dupe time and lag the game, thank you so much!
  2. Um... 1.2 kg/s of CO2, which need 4 carbon skimmer in operation, and 4 kg/s of water, which is 80% of the full power of water sieve. i think my design is a little bit wasting power, but I put the water in close loop with water sieve, and just forget it. i am thinking to ranch slicker but I don’t want to waste too much dupe time to do that may be.
  3. It is a trap for new player, but I think it is easy to solve when people play at the second or third build. And I miss the water sieve to take into account too, need to deduct 120w further. But if you tune up the generator, you still get 1.44kW gain.
  4. Thank you so much for your comments. I am not 100% sure, but I look at the equation of the heat remove and the power generated, it seems linear when it is under the the maximum power output of 850w. So I usually keep them below the maximum output. Yes, there is leakage of heat at the dropping point, I need to improve in my next built~ Yes, good point to make the shift of position! Honestly I am not sure if the tempshift plate really matter here, so i just put some randomly, haha.....
  5. May i ask why setting the 3 second delay? Sometimes i put a weight sensor at the tile where the dupe would stand during the refining, i just found this funny to look at stepping a big button.
  6. HI, the metal tile i used is Aluminium with conductivity of 205, which is better than diamond of 80. Actually I don't think it would be very great different since i also use the flowing petroleum.
  7. HI, this is my first time sharing of my base design. I do the draft at work.... Then i build this when back to home: Also the plumbing overlay: I try to build this at the mid game, as simple as i can handle, without using space material, and even steel is not needed, except the final pump to output the petroleum. The First chamber is used to heat up the crude oil to above 404C. then the door is open and it flow to second chamber to be cooled. Because 400C is not suitable for a steel pump. When the far end cooled to below 150C, it will be released to the below storage tank and wait for the use at generator. This is the first version, i think at least i can improve it by pre-heating the incoming crude oil by the heated petroleum first.
  8. And note that it is power positive when making refined Alum, iron and steel. (I learn these quickly by the ONI wiki) Then, refinery + turbine become a must have set up in every game.
  9. i think the steel production up-time is not very high. In one of my previous game, I connect it by battery and automation, which make it only use the excess power for production of steel. It would not build up the power demand at some very short period of time. A hamster wheel only produce 400w, while if the dupe run a oil refinery producing 5kg of petroleum/s, which can run 2 petroleum generator. That is far too more power generated. I think 10 dupes should not be the major problem, it depends on how you distribute the works. Ranching is too time consuming, where i don't suggest to ranch for coal. instead, "Operate" is far more important at Mid game, for the oil / metal refinery, tune up, oil well, crusher. btw, which type of map are you in?
  10. i am curious why you cannot make petroleum but you need so much power (at the order of 4KW). Even if you vent the oxygen, the power generated by hydrogen generator is only 1200W with tune up. It is equal to about 1kg/s of water consumption. Or do you have ethanol on your map? it can provide the power for some time. And tune up is very important in my feeling, especially for petroleum generator, you get extra 1000w for almost free.
  11. For early game, i think dont bother to cool either oxygen or water, but don't blow the hot oxygen directly to your farming area. For mid game when you can build turbine, build a small pool of water (about 3X5 tile) at your base entrance. Maintain the water at 20C by AQ / turbine setup. Then pass the hot oxygen with radiant duct at the small water pool, it will cool quickly to about 30C. This is the most power effective and easy to cool the oxygen i can think of.
  12. I use copper, lead, aluminium for the turbine and don't feel much differences. The point is the temperature of the Steam you use. Because the steam is cooled to 95C fixed, hence the heat transfer to the turbine is depends on the steam temp. You will need extra cooling by the liquid going to the aquatuner (actuall the heat gen is not much, any fluid below 100C is ok for cooling the turbine. The heat gen by a aquatuner is 588 kDtu/s (using water), while the heat removed by the turbine is 8XX kDtu/s based on 200C steam. So heat removed by Turbine > heat gen by 1 aquatuner.
  13. I saw many discussion about "exploit" which is not well defined universally, and it is somehow subjective. Some design is "exploit" to myself, then I will try to avoid it, while it may not be "exploit" to others, then they may use it. I think the developer does not give the official definition easily because they don't want to limit the player's creativity, especially before they have a solid change plan.
  14. Thank you so much! When I got the game, I was survived because of your very well organised guide. Otherwise I will not even complete the toilet loop! Thank you and support for your work!
  15. Late game is grind

    i think the most enjoyable time is the mid game when you can start to refine oil, build turbine, plant something other than berry, building tube system, sweeper, etc. Early part of Late game of building steam rocket is also funny as you can discover what you can get in extra.