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Dupes eating food with tablesalt should have an unique animation that displays the food during the entire eating session

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Dupes have rather trashy eating habits, putting the entire piece of food into their mouth, which in my opinion muddies the feeling of making a new high quality food for your dupes to eat because you don't see the dupes enjoying the specific food piece.

The animation for when dupes eat food with salt at a Mess table should be that they put the food on the table with a quick salting, and then they with their hands pick "Parts" from the food to eat instead of putting the whole thing into their mouth and spitting it out when there's leftovers. When they consume the entire food piece they should put it into their mouth and delete the item, if there's leftovers they'll leave and the food will drop on the floor.

There should be a certain satisfaction in seeing dupes eat your hard-aquired food instead of them putting the entire thing in their mouth. Are they eating liceloaf? A burger? A rat? Who knows. The old eating animation is too charmy to remove, so I think that table salt food should have that unique animation.

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