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What is length of a cycle? Units discussion.

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I am confused. The game provides information in different units. Example: Plant Emmit that max Oxygen/second Consume that much water/cycle.
I have to assume that the second is not second because otherwise, the game will break on a different speed. 
So, How many game ticks are in a cycle??
Can we standardized units before the game realize?

Now we officially on a home run to realize that could be a good idea. 
OR as a minimum to include that information to help?

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there are 600 second on a cycle, as far as i know.

if you set the game on higher speeds, "time" will go faster.

so if you set it on max speed (3x), a cycle will last 200 seconds, but stuff will also work 3 times as fast.

so instead of emitting max oxygen/second, it will emit 3 times as much each second.

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Don't confuse real life seconds and in-game seconds.

Whatever speed you're at, a cycle is always 600 in-game seconds, meaning than an algae deoxydizer will output 300kg of oxygen per cycle.

I do agree that a pass on time units, for some added coherence could be nice. Because converting something/s to something/cycle (or the opposite) is often annoying, having the game display both could be great, although maybe a bit too heavy in terms of UI.

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