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My mother is 61 and only plays Don't Starve, Don't Starve Together, and Tetris. I'm working on other games for her, but she's just learning to use computers, and she's not interested in most other games (I've tried getting her interested in many, especially because...)

She's recently grown bored with Don't Starve Together... She didn't like regular Don't Starve, Hamlet is too hard for her, although she enjoys watching me play it from time to time and loves the pig-village. (-I LOVE Hamlet!!-), and shipwrecked is also overwhelming for her (-I LOVE Shipwrecked!!- She doesn't.)

After several failed attempts to get her into a different game, she finally got excited about DST again with the new characters.  She visited with me and after trying then out, I started playing the little deamon-dog and she fell in love with Wormwood.

A few days later I'm time she can't play Wormwood. She doesn't have internet at home, it's too expensive in her area for what the offer and she lives on a fixed income...


I can understand the outfits (Which she said loves be lives without and I've convinced her to understand why they are internet only) bring online only, but the charters?


Maybe make them that you can't use them to play online without unlocking them?

I could probably mod the game to make them work without an internet connection, but then there's supporting those, which might break things, and is more upkeep for me (she goes to the library, uses the intent, something updates and breaks, and I'm calming hey down convincing her that her computer wasn't hacked and then have to pick up her laptop and 'fixing' it...)

Could you make them work offline and LAN by default? I'm sure drive Hacker(s) out there already can do it... Just make them have to be unlocked to use with an internet connection? Heck, make the save unplayable online if one of them is in there and not unlocked, something...)

I don't want to get into her life story, etc. She wants to play Wormwood, could you guys please? She unlocked him and everything already, and now she can't play him... :(

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Your mom sounds like such a nice cool mom :D! I definitely agree characters should be playable 100% regardless if you're online, offline, or on the moon! I don't really care about skins, but I would also like to throw in just in case Klei reads this to make worlds also playable offline or online and not lock them into one mode because it's a huge inconvenience along with locked characters which you pay for :wilson_laugh:!

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I'm glad they're supporting the game, and I see how they want to sell the characters for $5 or whatever, unless you use spools, which can be farmed while online, etc. My mother had gathered a lot of stuff which she turned into spool and got the character, and all that is fine and great... But then she's unable to play "The Little Green Dude" without Internet, she nearly cried, and it made me nearly cry. :/

I get that Klei is trying to get into the micro-payment thing, and I want them to be able to keep the lights on, feed their kids, and create more games and support content... I do, but... ?

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