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Knockback immune

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I wish to give my custom character immunity to the smacking the Elite Pigs do to you in YOTP, or when bosses punch you in Forge.

I want to remap the wilson stategraph and inject it in my modmain but i'm a little lost

I did manage to disable stunlock that way so I'm hoping it could more or less be the same deal


AddStategraphPostInit("wilson", function(sg)
   local old_attacked = sg.events.attacked.fn
   sg.events.attacked.fn = function(inst, data)
    if not inst.components.health:IsDead() then
           if inst:HasTag("mynewtag") and data.attacker ~= nil then
            if inst.hurtsoundoverride ~= nil then
            elseif not inst:HasTag("mime") then
                inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound((inst.talker_path_override or "dontstarve/characters/")..(inst.soundsname or inst.prefab).."/hurt")
               return old_attacked(inst, data)


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Knockback is handled in the knockback eventhandler:

EventHandler("knockback", function(inst, data)
        if not (inst.components.health:IsDead() or inst:HasTag("beaver")) then
            if inst.sg:HasStateTag("parrying") then
                inst.sg.statemem.parrying = true
                inst.sg:GoToState("parry_knockback", {
                    timeleft =
                        (inst.sg.statemem.task ~= nil and GetTaskRemaining(inst.sg.statemem.task)) or
                        (inst.sg.statemem.timeleft ~= nil and math.max(0, inst.sg.statemem.timeleft + inst.sg.statemem.timeleft0 - GetTime())) or
                    knockbackdata = data,
                inst.sg:GoToState((data.forcelanded or inst.components.inventory:ArmorHasTag("heavyarmor") or inst:HasTag("heavybody")) and "knockbacklanded" or "knockback", data)

copied from SG wilson. So do the same thing you did with the onattacked and just alter this event to your liking.

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