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+9 learning dupe

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Been spam shuffling trying to find a future astronaut with
- Research
- Suit wearing
- Supply
So I can have their morale expectation as low as possible.

But I found one with +9 learning. I named him Jimmy Neutron. He also has cooking skill but can't cook. He probably gained the cooking skill from cooking crystal meth and other lab experiments lol.

If I manage to find a duplicant with all the astronaut related interests I'm going to name them 'Chosen One' because it's taking ages.


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Literally took over 30 minutes to find chosen one and chosen two lol. I did find a few other duplicants with the right combination of interests but they had really bad traits so had to skip them.

Luckily the two future astronauts both have high digging so they won't be useless for the beginning cycles :D

Not sure if it will make a significant difference having all of the astronaut related interests but I was curious to find out as the last time I played ONI was before they changed the job and morale system. I was 10 cycles into a colony already but restarted it once I saw how the new interests and skill system worked because I wanted to test this Min/maxing idea to reduce morale needs. Don't know if they stack like this yet.


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