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please please i beg u guys, please make wortox and wormwood (and upcoming dlc characters) playable offline, im living in 4th world country and my internet connection is ultra slow like 100mbps/12.5MBps. sometimes i want to do a practice jumps using wortox while doing my neighbor's 100.000 square meter casava farm or slaughter bees using wormwood while fishing for dinner.


also one quick question. why is their (wortox and wormwood) dlcs did not registered to my steam account? yes i purchased it via in game store. so i really cant give reviews on their pages?

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21 hours ago, Warbucks said:

I want to be able to play on my "online" worlds while offline too, getting locked out of the game because you're offline is stupid.

^ ^ ^

It's pretty ridiculous that Wortox and Wormwood still aren't able to be played offline. Skins not being available offline is one thing, but characters that people have paid for??

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