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Duplicates being more Intelligent

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When I tell duplicates to prioritize a dig and have a plan for a build to make that dig possible, I also have to change the digs priority. They should do whatever tasks I have planned to get to the dig. When I'm playing the game and I don't want to have to worry about changing the priority of every necessary build to maintain a high priority dig. This is also for when a build is important but there's something in the way, if I prioritize the build, they won't dig that away to build it.

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So ... you're asking for an "automated" priority system ? O_o

How do you think this can even work ? With an IA ?


There's already 10 priority levels. It's enough to manage how duplicants should dig or build.

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Sounds like you are asking for the priority screen. Here you can set how dupes should select which task to work on next. This is an important part of the game as the per dupe setup allows you to specialize your dupes and only work on what they are good at.

I see nothing in this thread, which haven't already been implemented.

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