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[Bug] Drowning

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After the last update (341693) I notice that you can drown for no reason.

(this part may contain a bonus bug) First time I drowned I was going thru a bridge (jumping from boat to boat) while mounted in a non-domesticaded beefalo (yep, that is still possible for non-domesticaded beefs), and after 3-4 boats, my characters doenst reach the next boat and fall between, leaving all inventory (except the backpack) on the ocean and insta-killing the beefalo. After that several drownings happened while trying to get the items back because when you click to grab it, the characters falls back at sea again. (I had to leave behing Lucy the Axe, beefalo horn and the beefalo fur).

On the first time I tought it was because of the beefalo, but the times after the first drown I wasnt mounted on anything...

And you can also drown while walking parallel close to the edge (dismounted).


I havent see this happen before the update


sorry for bad english, non-native speaker here

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