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Don't Starve POSSIBLE Bird Trap bug with winter update

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I just got into winter, and when i did i was running a bit low on food so I decided to make a bird trap to capture some snow birds or crows so i could get some meat. When the snow bird falls for the trap, the bird just stands right next to it and the blue bird does not get trapped in the bird trap just making me waste durability on the trap, the trap also gets set off. I don't know if this is a bug or just because there is no snow bird items(like snow bird feather or snow bird) even though i read on the wiki that snowbirds drop snowbird feathers (it could be false though). If someone can respond to this explaining why, then i would be very greatful for their their help. I know a similar post might have been posted before this, but i just want to spread the word, about the bird

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Go report this in the bug section."But it might not be a bug! Boohoo."If you even consider it to be a bug; then you should report it.Nuff said.

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I'll agree with Snob, that does sound like a bug! My game didn't have that happen, you can catch snowbirds, for that's what I did all winter! They do also drop snow feathers, and if you want to get them without the buggy trap I recommend trying a boomerang.

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