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Help with New Characters.

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JoVaYoH    0

I have purchased this game 3 times once on the PlayStation store, the disc mega pack, and on steam as well but i usually play on the Ps4 because my woman likes playing it as well and the computer is not her thing. Well I also purchased Wortox and now Wormwood and on my account we have the ps plus but not on hers as usually the licensing is granted over through my account to hers. But this is not the case for the new characters i have already spent enough on this game. Is there anyway to use wormwood on her account? I really do not want to have to buy every character twice just so she can play them as well. Please help Klei! And this is also for my pc edition as well i really would prefer not to have buy everything 3 times I have supported this game from the beginning but this is getting a little out of hand for me now. Here is the proof as well that I have purchased multiples of this game. Please help Klei this is the only time the licensing has not gone to the other account as well.





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JDiceArt777    194

Yea, they won't allow  you to transfer your characters to another account. Sucks...especially for someone who is as dedicated to a company as you are.

My advice to you.....if you have enough clothing items to unravel so you can weave the characters, do it. 
That's how I got Wortox and Wormwood. I also play on the PS4 and I feel that having different types of clothing, gloves, pants and shoes are kind of pointless since you can't even really tell what they have on. For example....muddy boots....really? Unravel! lol. I only keep a few clothing items....that you can REALLY notice. I even unravel some 'belongings' different skins for the grass you really make that many grass suits to care if you have a skin or not? Those are worth 450 spools, if I'm not mistaken. Marble suits......unraveled! I like my 'belongings' skins...but some of them are worth the sacrifice when it comes to unraveling a new character. 

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