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  1. most of the emoticons you type appear as a question mark and the game doesn’t tell you to type the right thing for emotes in the curio cabinet ❌ = doesn’t work ⭕ = works just fine :abigail: ❌ :alchemyengine: ❌ (game doesn’t tell you to type :alchemy:) :backpack: ❌ :beehive: ❌ :berry_bush: ❌ (game doesn’t tell you to type :berry:) :carrot: ❌ :egg: ❌ :eyeplant: ❌ :firepit: ❌ :horn: ❌ :meat_big: ❌ (game doesn’t tell you to type :meat:) :refine: ❌ :salt: ❌ :shadowmanipulator: ❌ (game doesn’t tell you to type :shadow:) :shovel: ❌ :thumbsup: ❌ :trap: ❌ :trophy: ❌ :wave: ❌ :wormhole: ❌ :battle: ⭕ :flex: ⭕ :gold: ⭕ :torch: ⭕ :beefalo: ⭕ :chest: ⭕ :chester: ⭕ :crockpot: ⭕ :eyeball: ⭕ :farm: ⭕ :fire: ⭕ ⭕ :grave: ⭕ :hambat: ⭕ :hammer: ⭕ :heart: ⭕ :hunger: ⭕ :lightbulb: ⭕ :arcane: ⭕ :pig: ⭕ :poop: ⭕ :redgem: ⭕ :sanity: ⭕ :sciencemachine: ⭕ :faketeeth: ⭕ :skull: ⭕ :web: ⭕ :tophat: ⭕
  2. I wish I didn’t unravel my triumphant willow just to own a heirloom head and find out how much the head is worth...
  3. these would be my best answers replying to some of those problems hope it helps 1.if youre being pulled back from teleportation it could be low connection to the internet 3.recommended to use target lock feature to lock on to certain enemies 4.being stuck in the bend over animation could be because not close enough to wifi also LAN cable can be helpful 5. when the world is saving aka the beginning of the day your hitbox follows you late stand still for it to catch up or keep the world clean by not leaving a bunch of items on the ground since that can cause the area to lag 6.its usually common for players to accidently give logs to others it even happens on pc since players stand in front of the fire 7. it could be the same reason as number 4# with the bend over animation make sure the host has good connection along with the other players 8.the reason it says youre not friends with host is because one of you could be in offline mode or you barely added the host during the time you ran the server 10.the devs are working on fixing the missing item names 11.duplicate items can be unraveled for spools or you can trade duplicate non event clothing in the trade in for higher rarity items if you want me to reply faster you can message me on playstation my id is “penguinboy-_-“ just be sure to say youre from the forums then ill be happy to help as best as I can
  4. sinkholes are unabled to be entered, it has that detail where entrances/exits are blocked during rollbacks
  5. I tried that but nothing in curio cabinet from the bundle :/
  6. today I bought a bundle for don’t starve playstation and after the purchase it said couldn’t connect to klei servers so it sorta took the money and I didn’t recieve the item
  7. I tried to load my my world many times but its stuck on the loading screen, if I go on a world I haven’t played it lets me choose a character but after that its just a blank screen, but when I made a new account im able to play the game fine so is there any way to fix this? (playstation 4 version)