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Color panel to organize

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Hello everyone,

I'm playing ONI for while now and the thing that it would be really good is to put a system too color the gas tubes, pipes, energy lines, etc. Eventually, when your base is big enough and you have to use 3 to 4 bridges just to get the lines where you need it can get messy, very messy.  

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If anybody wants to work on this, the answer likely lies in ConduitFlowVisualizer.GetCellTintColour(int cell). Use a prefix or postfix to overwrite the default values. Be aware that adding a color setting to the savegame for existing pipes might break existing savegames and/or removing the mod after adding the settting might also break savegames. Adding new pipes is a safer option.

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5 minutes ago, SharraShimada said:

So... changing existing pipe code is bad.. but adding, lets say, 10 more types of pipes, each with different color, works from, when it comes to coding, but it clutters up the build menu. Nice choices.

First of all, the saving code is Unity code, not as much custom Klei code. Secondly I will not completely rule out that you can add data to existing entities, but I haven't figured out how to do that reliably. This means if somebody does something without knowing more than I do, it will fail. It's more as a warning to inexperienced modders than it is a statement of saying it's impossible.

Last, but not least: we can replace the buildings in the build menu if we like. This means vanilla pipes will still be there for loading savegames, but they won't clutter up the build menu.

I'm really looking forward to Klei maturing the mod support. This will hopefully get better. I'm just writing what matches the current state, which Klei actually said isn't official mod support, it's just adding steam workshop support for whatever the community has figured out without Klei influence.

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