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Hey, hi, howdy, It's me.

Didn't find much when I went digging, and didn't really want to raid other people's topics and posts for this, so I made my own real quick.

I was hoping to see if someone would be able to help provide a few things and answer a few questions I have/am needing.
I was wondering if there were "templates" for head slot and hand slot items. I've managed to figure out torso items, a fair bit at least.

I was also wondering if there was a way to make armor unable to be taken off, and would restrict holding items in the hand slot.
As in: You put it on, you can't take it off unless it breaks or is knocked off, and while wearing it, you cannot hold any items in your hands.
Maybe even hide the hand sprites, at that. I've seen an armor or 2 that's overwritten some sprites, so I figured you'd be able to hide them, too. (Or even replace them with invisible sprites until it's been taken off.)

Thank you, in advanced! 

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There aren't really any good templates for head- and hand-slot items. I made my Cactus Armor mod as a torso template. I guess I could smack together a few template mods for other things. I have a lot on my plate right now, but it's going on the list.

Restricting the player from taking it off isn't too difficult, I think. Making it keep you from equipping anything in the hand-slot can also be done, but will require a bit more. Do you want them to also not be able to use the items in their hands, so only hide them, or do you want to forcibly unequip anything in the hand-slot?

This post has a good idea about how you can do unequippableness.

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