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Is anyone else running in to the Deerclops super often?

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post-3412-13764591545956_thumb.pngI've encountered him four times this winter. I've managed to kill him every time (a pig ate one of the eyeballs though). But that won't be a problem anymore since the last deerclops smashed all of my pig houses >_> But honestly, I thought after the first time I dealt with him I wouldn't have to worry about him spawning and explore more. Apparently not.
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lol in my first winter he came and got stuck in a place near the ocean, and i was yeah cool no problemsand in the last day of winter it was spawing another one (I havent killed the first one) and i was like NOPE NOPE THANKS, and sleept.But i think after like, 4 or 5 days since the winter started, there will always be a deerclops in the map, until the end of winter, im not sure about it XD but if you dont like getting loads of deerclops try killing him in the end of winter, or dont even kill him, just... be in a very distant place when he spawn, so he wont mess with you

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