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Crazy Stunts (and Deaths)


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I just wanted to share a couple of crazy and (possibly) funny stories that happened to me while I was playing Don't Starve. Hopefully whoever reads these will enjoy them.The Great Beefalo Massacre (before the winter update)One day, while Wilson cut down trees, a giant Treeguard woke up. Wilson ran away from it and towards a pig village, having discovered with the last Treeguard that pigs automatically attack them. The pigs that spotted the Treeguard were killed in one swipe, the Treeguard losing interest in Wilson afterwards. Later, Wilson ran into his first herd of Beefalo, but he could not shave them since they were in heat. However, Wilson came up with idea to lure the Treeguard to the Beefalo herd in order to get some of their wool.Wilson reached the Treeguard near the start of night, so he built a fire. Unfortunately, Wilson got another not-so-brilliant idea while waiting for morning. Wilson's idea backfired, burning down all the trees in the area and angering the Treeguard into trying to kill Wilson. When dawn arrived, Wilson began running towards the savannah, stopping every now and then to let the Treegaurd catch up. Wilson even had time to pick up the Ring thing needed to complete the Teleportato, though that would have to happen later.Eventually, Wilson reached the Beefalo's territory with the Treeguard not that far behind. While Wilson ran through the savannah, one Beefalo chased him for a bit, but that Beefalo soon joined the rest of the herd in attacking the Treeguard. Wilson had thought that the Beefalo would kill the Treeguard. However, the Treeguard took down Beefalo after Beefalo. The only Beefalo left alive were six babies. The Treeguard then wandered off as Wilson began collecting his spoils. Wilson, however, heard something coming from the south and decided to investigate. To Wilson's surprise, a pig had killed the Treeguard. Wilson then finished gathering the spoils of the battle and headed back to his campsite.THE ENDRevenge of the KoalephantWilson had discovered the creature's tracks on the second day and had decided to follow them as he scouted out the edge of the island. Wilson discovered the Koalephant as twilight set in, and he came up with a plan to kill the creature. Wilson set up a campfire and stayed away from the creature, waiting for it to fall asleep. When night came and the Koalephant did fall asleep, Wilson used his torch to set the creature on fire. In a frenzy, the creature ran around, catching a carrot and a bit of grass on fire. However, the Koalephant did not die and eventually fell asleep again after Wilson startled it into running further away. Wilson figured that the creature could not be that strong. Wilson couldn't possibly need to build a science machine, even if he did have a piece of gold to make, to kill the Koalephant, right? Within two attacks, the Koalephant killed poor Wilson.THE END

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I've got two more crazy stunts for your entertainment. Well, one's a crazy stunt, the other is crazy but less of a stunt... One involves my first time killing a certain creature, and the other... It's just short and hilarious, and I think someone will find it funny too. Here you go!The Insanity Brawls (before the End is Nigh update...)The constant rain had taken its toll on Wilson's mind. Wilson had seen those Crawling Horrors staring at him as of recently, and he figured a fight with them was unavoidable, crafting armor out of logs in response. The first fight occurred while near a forest containing a couple of pigs and spiders. Strange tendrils crept into Wilson's line of vision before the slow-moving beast crept closer and attacked. The shadowy beast would teleport a short distance away after enduring the beast's attack then striking it twice. The process repeated until the monster disappeared, a couple blobs of nightmare fuel resting in its place. Wilson, feeling a tad better, gathered the black substance before returning to his base camp.Unfortunately, Wilson soon entered insanity again at his base camp. He fought off two more Crawling Horrors, developing a better strategy to deal with the beasts without taking as much damage. Back off as the shadowy beast attacked, then move in and strike... Unfortunately a different Hallucination appeared while Wilson fought off another Crawling Horror. A Terrorbeak. After defeating the Crawling Horror, Wilson focused on defeating the faster, stronger shadowy beast. Strike after strike appeared to do nothing, but Wilson had noticed the Crawling Horros sharing the same behavior. Soon, however, the Terrorbeak disappeared and left behind some nightmare fuel. Wilson caught his breath and soon realized the extent of the injuries he had gained. The logsuit had been destroyed sometime during the fight with the Terrorbeak. Wilson decided to clear his head and attempt to relieve his stress with some inventing. Then Wilson would head out and try to find a way to quickly restore his health.THE ENDThe Weakened TentacleWilson had been wandering around the swamp for almost a whole day now. This strange device... the divining rod he found quickly after awakening kept pointing Wilson further in, and it had led him to the box thing, one of the machine pieces he needed to escape. Considering the number of merms, spiders, and tentacles along the way, Wilson was surprised at this success. However, Wilson figured he could gather some loot from the monsters felled in this marshy warzone. Wilson, one hand carrying the divining rod, spotted an area full of loot he assumed had been the resting place of a tentacle. Moving in, Wilson tried to pick up one piece of loot. A tentacle began surfacing, however. Surprised, Wilson punched the tentacle with his free hand. The tentacle snapped at the base and fell to the ground dead. Wilson stood there a moment in pure shock. Wilson had not been expecting the tentacle to be alive, but he didn't expect that even with all the warring creatures in this swamp, the tentacle would be that weakened. Wilson wasn't going to ignore this pleasant surprise, though. Wilson got a tentacle spike in addition to the original loot he sought. Now Wilson just had to get out of the swamp...THE END

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