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Why does the game still use its unreliable season tracking system?

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For those of you who don't know, the way singleplayer Don't Starve tracks the progress of a season is using a floating-point number (like say 0.5) functionally like a percentage instead of tracking by an integer (like, say, 10 days into the season). I assume this has its advantages, such as smoother adaptation of old save files to adjustments made to season lengths, but it has a couple of big disadvantages. Most notably, rounding errors somehow occur that may result in seasons lasting longer than they're supposed to.

Over the years it's been assumed that that was a deliberate design choice, and while it's not impossible that somewhere behind the scenes this is so, nothing exposed to the player through the game's readable Lua code suggests that this is a feature. User rezecib has posited a possible explanation in the past:

Even if you take this as a bug adopted as a feature, it still presents some problems: under some circumstances (I can't recall what specifically since it's been a while), it is or was possible for the game to be saved and closed on one season and opened again in another, for example. It's possible that this got fixed at some point since I've seen things related to the problem adjusted between here and the last time I encountered it, but since I don't recall how it happened I don't really know for sure. There is still definitely at least one problem though: mods don't seem to be able to accurately determine the length of a given season because of the way this information is stored, often resulting in inaccurate display. Everything the mod has to go on says the season should last this many days, and then the day after the season is supposed to have ended, they'll say it's the, for example, 11th day out of 10 days of Lush season.

If in fact it was decided to keep this bug as a feature to create some minor variance in season lengths, it would be really nice if a more deliberate design was employed for a little more predictability and the possibility for the player to reliably be aware of this variance occurring through the use of mods and potentially eliminate it if considered undesirable, again through mods or even just world configuration.

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Just to clarify: Would this be a day after last winter day which would spontaneous change rain/snow or snow/melting? I agree it's a bit annoying. Never experienced that in Hamlet. The hay fever overlay would dissapear and won't come back. I don't really track down the number of days or use Combined status so I might have missed it. 

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