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Headbase_Hat overlap

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Hello again, 

For one final feature I decided to add hair to my character. Using headbase and headbase_hat for hair that's shown when my character wears a hat, and when they don't so that the hair doesn't clip.

I've come into a problem where the default headbase sprite is being overlapped by the headbase_hat sprite. This only happens when the character is not wearing anything on their head. Otherwise only the correct headbase_hat sprite is used.

I'm using the Extended character template if that helps.




Come to think of it, I've looked at the original sample character and it's headbase_hat is just the original headbase_hat with parts shaved off. Maybe the two sprites are supposed to overlap? That would mean I would just have to edit the original headbase to fit under the hat. :confused:

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Headbase in the character sprite is the default character head that'll show when the character doesn't have a hat equipped. Headbase_hat takes the priority over headbase when the character equips a hat and usually in the normal characters they have a cutoff as the hair (or parts of the head if its big enough) will appear "behind" the hat. So I'm not too entirely sure what you want to do, so I guess you'll have to do your suggestion at the end but on the headbase_hat picture.

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