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[Solved] Overriding Existing Stategraph State for a Character

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I made a new character and I'd like to override a specific state in its stategraph, but nobody else's (namely, I want to change its funnyidle animation to one of the emotes).

I managed to override it for everyone,but I don't know how to override it just for him.

I'd rather not copy Wilson's stategraph to a new file, make the modification and then assign that stategraph to him, since that would require updating when Wilson's stategraph changes.

Thanks in advance. =)

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Well, sure, I can do that, and yeah, it would work (thanks for the suggestion), but it doesn't feel like the right approach to me.

What if I want to add other customization?
Do I change Wilson's stategraph and test prefabs for everything?
Every character has its own stategraph; there has to be a way to alter a specific state for a specific character.

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I think what Eusong said is all you can do, really. Problem is, if any other mod made changes to that state, you'll be overwriting them. I have never seen someone change the state for just a single instance of a prefab or a prefab that shares its stategraph. I think you need to make your own.

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