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  1. Don't Starve mod tools has stopped working altogether on my computer. This was on a fresh install of Windows 10. Any and all of the mod tools will launch on Steam but immediately crash before the programs even pop up. When launching the auto-compiler manually from the exe, I get the error attached. > I tried uninstalling the mod tools and installing a separate instance of Spriter and it would not launch. > I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mod tools and they still don't work. > I tried repairing .NET Framework and uninstalling and reinstalling it. Nothing worked. My repair tools do not detect any issues with it. > I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Visual Studio C++ and the error persists. > I tried repairing DirectX and my repair tool did not find any issues. > I tried plugging in an old hard drive with a working copy of the mod tools + Windows 10 and launching them from that drive gives me the same errors. > I restarted my computer numerous times throughout all of these processes. Not all of the tools give this exact error message, some do not provide a reason and some simply don't launch at all. However when an error message is presented if it gives an error code, it is the one shown. This is only occurring with programs associated with the Don't Starve mod tools as well as separate versions of said programs (installed from their providers) with the exception of Sublime Text, which runs fine when installed separately. I do not have this issue with any other software or games on my computer, it is specifically Don't Starve mod tools that has the issue.
  2. Thank you! I've been working to refine the style as much as I can. I still think her head is a tad square personally but I'm glad you think it's so good! Additionally, another new piece! Finally did Lindsay, my favorite dupe.
  3. A couple more examples not shown in the original promo image
  4. In my headcanon, dupes are 2 inches tall
  5. Please direct your DMs to my Discord as I do not check the forums nearly as frequently. However I still will attempt to check my forum DMs as often as I'm able to. I'm Eusong#7672 and I'm also in the official Klei Discord server.
  6. Ban GetNerfedOn because he/she has a GIRL for his/her avatar
  7. Hey! Posting on behalf of Fidooop who just went live! YouTube: Twitch:
  8. Banks are telling the game which sets of animations to use when the character is in that state, rather than using the normal animations the entity would have. They're used alongside builds, which are the images that the bank pulls from to give the animation visible features to move around. You may need your default build to include images that the swimming bank will use if there's nothing telling it to swap builds as well. In another wording, banks are the animations, builds are the images the animations are made up of. Hopefully this helps.
  9. Idk if anyone else has already done this but idc
  10. Yeah probably. I was never a fan of lureplant utility though. Too easy for them to get killed by accident.
  11. Finally now I can get rid of stingers without opening the console. My worlds can now last a few hundred days longer than before.