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The Anenemy Nonstop generate(bug?)

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This is definitely a bug. I've seen this with some mods before.

local function on_deploy(inst, position, deployer)
    local new_trap_starfish = SpawnPrefab("trap_starfish")
    if new_trap_starfish ~= nil then
        -- Dropped and deployed starfish traps shouldn't spawn in a reset state (or they'll bite the deployer).


There are two separate prefabs for Anenemy Traps, one is "dug_trap_starfish" and the other is "trap_starfish". The dug version is the inventory item, and the normal version is when it's planted. Anenemy Traps have a "deployable" component to them. Whenever a prefab is deployed, it needs its coordinates to be specified. This is usually done by getting the deployer's coordinates.

However, if you look at the code above, deploying a "dug_trap_starfish" spawns a "trap_starfish" when deployed. Going back to the "deployable" component, the "dug_trap_starfish" will attempt to deploy itself at some coordinate. Since there is no coordinate specified, it defaults to the coordinate (0, 0).

A simple fix to this bug would be to add inst:Remove() to the code, which would delete the "dug_trap_starfish" when deployed (which is what we want since it becomes a "trap_starfish" anyway).

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