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Water appear out of nowhere (with screenshot)

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Edit: Can't find the delete button, but I found out the cause, turn out it's possible for Dupes to carry around several grams of ice that get melted immediately when they pass through this hot area.


Not really sure if this is a bug or I'm just missing something, but there are certain areas in my bases that always have a puddle.

So far it's really frustrating because I can't possibly pinpoint the cause, until I saw one puddle just randomly fills up when a Dupe walks by, at that point it's just confusion.


As you can see in the screenshot, the area around the atmo suit docks are where it always happen. You can already see a mopping errand queued up. In my opinion the 2 most possible explanation is Dupes dropping ice right after entering the base (but then the ice would have to melt immediately because I just saw water coming out of the Dupes) or steam wandering from the below biome (but then the area around the entrance is max ~70C). 


If anyone can point out anything that I missed I would be grateful, this is annoying as my Dupes are constantly getting "sopping wet"

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