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[Beta Test Bug] Skinned items randomly disappear or switch between themsleves

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So.. let me start by introducing my magnificently amazing Bumble Spear:


It can mine boulders!



It can cut trees!



And also it can dig roots.

Great spear, ennit?!


But wait! I also have a Great Willow. While your regular Willow is a pyromaniac, mine seems to manipulate electricity:


..still insane though.


Well jokes aside, seems randomly Items show the skin of first used skinned weapon/item till you un-equip them entirely, then showing the skin/tool of newly equipped item. Also at times, when I go in and out of caves, my character seems to all-of-a-sudden fancy them underwear and nothing else - aka all body clothes skins visually vanish. In Winona's print-screens above it appears frontal part of her hair also vanishes randomly. In Willow's image the Tesla Coil Lantern is invisible no matter what save for the particles effect. All in all very confusing cause at some point was mushing spiders with an invisible skinned Ham Bat making it appear as I was 2-hit punching those vermins to my delighted yet still pretty confusing amusement.

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This is related to current max amount of "symbols" per character.

It can be fixed for now selecting simplier skins.

For example, I was cutting down trees with Torch while wearing invisible backpack due to that.

Since bug is similar to the one I had with Wortox, I'd suggest you to post some info you had here.

If you check server log, you can see something like this

 Error serializing symbol override count for entity


For now, the only fix I found for now was to wear simplier outfits, or less body parts.

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