My ideas for wind mechanics

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My general ideas for wind:-mechanics-an itemWind would be predictable. You could predict it by looking how the trees bend. There are 4 types of wind.Normal wind, changes nothing , game is as usualBreeze, trees bend slightly for the direction how wind goes, torches last 1/8 less than in normal wind. Trees occasionally drop pinecones.Strong wind, trees bend more than in breeze,it sometimes brings down down the smallest trees with the pinecones (but they drop no wood), torches last 1/4 less than in normal wind. Campfires last 1/8 less than n normal wind. All creatures and the player who are not on roads get a 1/8 speed bonus.Very strong wind, it can bring down small trees and medium trees. From the fallen medium trees you get 1 wood. Only the biggest trees can't fall. It can rarely blow all the twigs off a sapling, which looks like you harvested it after this event. You get no twigs lying around. Torches are not a good idea- they last 3/4 less. Campfires last 1/2 of the normal wind time. Fire pits last 1/2 of the normal time , but you can secure them by the Cloth. If you secure it , fire pits last like in normal wind. All creatures and the player not on roads get a 1/4 speed bonus. There's a 1% chance to break a random chest, dropping 2 boards and all your belongings.The clothYou craft it from 6 silk and 4 twigs. Has a color like tent.It has no duration , and you can use it on fire pit when very strong wind is blowing. You have to click with it on the fire , as if you're adding fuel. When the wind blows, it's waving.Special wind - snow hurricaneIt occurs instead of very strong wind in winter. Does the same, expect that if the player does not stand next to at least "nice and comfy" fire level , he freezes half as fast as normally. That's it. Do you think it's a good idea, or a bad idea?

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