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Crafting Station seafaring

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Unlike others DLC, like SW or even more obvious in Hamlet, Don't Starve Together recipe tabs was pretty clear and good looking on the HUD

and since Return of Them release, with a bunch of fantastic contents, the new tab "Seafaring" is always avalide as long you prototyped an item of this tab


So I like the fact that it use a new tab and not flood the tool tab, I don't mind new tabs as long they are in considered as "Crafting Station" like the

Cartography Desk, Celestial Orb, Rock Den, or everything else we know. That mean they don't show the tab until you're next to the station

And as long I know, we can even place the Think Tank on the boat, so you can build Oars and Boat Patchs pretty freely :


Well, my suggestion is just to make the Seafaring and Think Tank working both as a crafting station, to make the crafting HUD more good looking

And making the HUD bigger don't sounds like a better idea ^^

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