Two hands and two mouse buttons

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With the winter update, Don't Starve is feeling more and more complete. I especially like the tweaks to combat, Pigmen kiting you really spices things up.I don't know how hard this will be coding wise, but what if we had a left-hand and right-hand equip slot? The right mouse button does nothing as far as I'm aware and that's a waste. If we're able to right-hand equip a spear and left-hand equip a boomerang, that will make combat more interesting. We can also take this further and allow players to right-hand equip a pickaxe, left-hand equip a torch which gives players more options at night (mining hat) so that early on in the game we have the option of either hugging the fireplace or doing some night-time spider hunting or faraway resource gathering.Also, because the each hand corresponds to a different mouse button, we can include another combat feature: shields. Shields can only be equipped to the right-hand (right mouse button), it can be clicked for a 1 second block, which takes skill to time, but gives you a very beneficial damage block and alternative to kiting.

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Still works tho, right click can remain as eat or plant if food or bushes are selected. It's only outside of food/bush selection that right click becomes the new action.Buuut is there something else i might have forgotten that right click does? mind block.

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