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A guide on how to regenerate your hamlet world.


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Disable steam cloud before doing this.

Yes you heard me right, It's actually "possible" to regenerate your hamlet world without a teleportato, Heres how. 

First you need to know where your saves are located. You would find them in windows > program files 86x > steam > userdata > id number > 219740 and you'll be able to see all your saves in the "remote" 

Then you'd need to understand how saves are organized, Saves are named relative to which save file you see on the main menu, organized from top to bottom 20190515095935_1.thumb.jpg.3208ad0786d1d589ad514c7dd72f2036.jpgit's 1-5 

So my save with 741 days on it will be named "porkland_3" in the files (since it's the third one down). You would need to delete that file. But before you do that, enter that world, and travel to another world (rog or sw, doesn't matter) first, Just in case something goes wrong (bring all the items you want to save over with you as well)

Once you deleted the file, generate a new world. If you generate one in the 5th slot, you'll be able to find it in your directory named "porkland_5" 

Then you rename porkland_5 to porkland_3 or which ever file you deleted, and that's it. That's how you do it. Log onto the world and you'll be in a new one, just remember that the days do transfer over (and it's going to be the aporkalypse aswell) It's not perfect, but it's what we have right now.

(Please back up your files before you do this)

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