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  1. Is Wormwood getting reworked though ? They said that they will add him to DST, nothing about changing him.
  2. Mutants

    I can't actually believe that people find these creatures so frightening that they are unable to play. Feels like such an exaggeration. DS has always been dark. I love the feel of this update and I hope that they add even more unsettling creatures.
  3. Create a reskin mod if you don't like the ones in the game. It's a survival horror after all. I'm not against the toggle but this seems like extra unnecessary work for the dev team if they ever wanna create "scary" creatures.
  4. about hounds

    They couldn't, this update added it.
  5. A guide on how to regenerate your hamlet world.

    I mean it's great that it's possible but we still need the teleportato added to the game.
  6. HYPE

    No hype, that thing is already in the game as an Iron Man suit.
  7. [Game Update] - 333702

    Umm... where is the seasonal content that was promised ? Edit. >Now that early access has finished, there is no schedule for new features to Hamlet. I guess there isn't any seasonal content.
  8. That's kinda sad, would be overpowered otherwise though.
  9. Can someone check if you can have multiple big Bernies out at the same time ?
  10. Why not fire immunity, it's not even that good but fits her character well. Also compared to Winona this rework is kinda boring. Hoping for an amazing short though.
  11. Last Speculations

    Yes I know, I had 2 tabs opened and I typed that in this one then I edited it to be something on topic hoping nobody would notice...
  12. I don't get why people want to nerf her so much, WX in hamlet has a permanent light source without using any slots as well as amazing speed boost. Still she is nowhere near as powerful as WX is so I see no problem with her. Stop calling for nerfs in a singleplayer game, if you dont want the game to feel too easy just dont play her (and dont play WX and Wolfgang too).
  13. Last Speculations

    I just want to see a new biome with new mobs that are more challenging.
  14. There is a thing in his speach files called "nextcharacter", he calls them "goat". These quotes can't be accessed in game.