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  1. Umm... where is the seasonal content that was promised ? Edit. >Now that early access has finished, there is no schedule for new features to Hamlet. I guess there isn't any seasonal content.
  2. I don't get why people want to nerf her so much, WX in hamlet has a permanent light source without using any slots as well as amazing speed boost. Still she is nowhere near as powerful as WX is so I see no problem with her. Stop calling for nerfs in a singleplayer game, if you dont want the game to feel too easy just dont play her (and dont play WX and Wolfgang too).
  3. Lureplant is constantly spitting out leafymeat and it's making a lot of lag because of all the entites on the ground. I'm just gonna roll back and see if it keeps on happening. I don't think any of my mods are causing it such as minimap, geometric placement or wormhole markers ?