Retro's Don't Starve Feedback (February 28th 2013)

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I decided to give more Feedback! As of February 26th 2013 The "A Winter's Tale" Update came out.Here is my Feedback for it and maybe other stuff as well.-New Pan Flute Recipe Pan Flutes are now rare. Do Mandrakes re-spawn now? This isn't too bad, i found about 3 Mandrakes in my world now, but, i have no use for Pan Flutes when i first start off so, i just cook the mandrakes and skip the night, and plus there is Sleep Darts still, but then again, Sleep Darts kinda cost alot too. But, i would like for Mandrakes to Re-Spawn after a while when you pick them. Not like a Day, maybe a couple of Days just to keep people from over abusing it to skip the night and making to much Pan Flutes? Tell me what you think!-WinterI have actually yet to see Winter yet. (Except for the Live Stream Preview.)But i can't wait to! From what i seen thus far:Deerclops - Goodness Gracious he's the biggest thing i seen, i expected him to be just as big as Beefalo except with one eye and horns! But oh boy, was i ever wrong! When i see him, i'm gonna run outta town!MacTusk N' Son (A.k.a Wee MacTusk) - Looks like we have to Sharpen our Spears and get out our Log-suit! It's the Hunter Family of much Nobility! The Walrus MacTusk N' Son! From what i seen looks like your gonna either Stumble upon 'em or They will find you and take all your money! And ahem, kill you of course! Looks like they Drop:Walrus Tusk - We have yet to find out what this does! Maybe in a future update......?Tam o'Shanter - I think this is the Hat that MacTusk himself drops! From what i seen it looks rather stylish! And of course they both drop Meat! Winter Koalefant - A Winter Version of the Summer Koalefant! It drops it's Warm Tusk so you could use it for a Puffy Vest! Which i am guessing is warmer than the Other Vest!Snowbird - A new bird is upon us! Behold! The Snowbird! It drops a new type of feather! Joy! I do not know what it could be used for. I can't wait to see it!Mosquitoes - I've seen these guys, and i am too scared to be bitten by them! Call me a chicken if you please! They spawn from ponds and Maxwellian Traps!Ice Hound - They come instead of the Fire Hound during Winter, they also come from MacTusk N' Son! I'm guessing they are tough and drop the ICE GEM! I think the Ice Gem can be randomly found on ground as well.Sandbox Mode (Custom) - It looks like they added Custom Sandbox! There are only a couple of features now, but soon you will be able to unlock more! This is a great feature in my opinion! I'm guessing that Completing Story Mode will be the Key to unlocking them all! Awesome!Sanity Tuning - People have been mentioning that Sanity was too easy to handle! The Devs did some tuning to help! This will help! Thank you Klei! <3-More TuningHere is some Tuning the Devs done:Rabbit Traps work again!Maxwell leaves traps for you in Adventure mode - I guess Mosquitoes spawn from these...Armour is less effective - Armour is like Paper now! Uh oh...Player Attacks are less powerful - This is kinda a problem for me, i mean c'mon! 3 hits for a Frog with paper skin?Okaaaaaaay..... Never Question Video Games!Pigs have more health - Should help, except we are weak now, soooo, Pigs are now really strong. Curse you Maxwell!Pigs can Kite - Hit and run! Hit and run! Oooh Boy! This gun' be gud! Quite a challenge!Dead Rabbits re-spawn slower - Rabbits? Where all dem Rabbits at! > : (Beefalo drop fewer meats - They are no longer beefalo...Honey doesn't heal se much - But, it's still good for you! : DHoney generates slower in Beeboxes - BEES, Y U NO WORK HARDER...? > : ((( Oh wellSpider Dens have more Warriors in them and cycle through levels faster - Talk about upping the difficulty, i love it!Spoilage is a bit faster in general - WHHHHHYYY??!?!?! WHYYYYYYYYY CRUEL WORLD WHHHHHY??!?! ;( This is bad..Stale food has less of a hunger penalty - Better get WX-78 out!Healing values are a bit lower in general - Now i know why you should stock up food... This game is getting hard! :DPonds show up in more Places - Finally! I don't have to get hit by Tentacles every time i go fishing!Eyebones turn into ash even if you hide them in a backpack - No cheating for us! :(Darts shouldn't miss targets that are walking away - Yay! No Dart wasting! :DMore Effective Bushhat - So sneaky! At least it's not as useless as before!Tell me what you think of my Feedback and the update!Please read Klei! :love_heart:

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