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Can't Disable Global

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Back when mod support for DST was added, Klei's Peter made a whisper-only mod.  At some point it broke, but currently I want to mute global for a TTT-style gamemode I want to make.  This is the only code Peter had in his mod, in modmain.lua:


function WhisperInit( self )
    self.whisper = true

AddGlobalClassPostConstruct( "screens/chatinputscreen", "ChatInputScreen", WhisperInit)

Any ideas on how to make it work now?  Even manually modifing chatinputscreen.lua to always have self.whisper be true seems to have no effect.

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The entire whisper subsystem is reliant on the client to filter- every client receives the chat messages everywhere all the time but it hides it from the user.


Take a look at hooking the Networking_Say function.

Peter changed how the input text box handles sending, whereas if you hook that function there you're going a little lower level and modifying the underlying function that sends off the prints to the client's UI.

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Alright, that certainly is a step in the right direction.  Now, the issue is implanting the modified version of Networking_Say into the game.  Networking is just a collection of functions, so I'm not exactly sure how to target it.  I've tried using AddGamePostInit to add a different version of Networking_Say from modmain, but it doesn't seem to work.

EDIT: I've also just tried replacing networking.lua using the mod and commented out the entirety of Networking_Say, but it still works.  Am I missing something here?

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